Art Club



October 20, 2018


Pack your paint brushes and let your creativity shine!

This is a club where people who have an interest in painting meet and paint together. This art club is not only for beginners but also for those who already have been painting or who had experience in the past. So it’s more like a coop, teaching and learning from each other. As a group, we desire to understand and participate in the creative process. We go over some basics as well as some painting techniques to help the beginners get a great start.

We organize group tours to the local galleries to view paintings and learn different mediums from the established artists. Also, we invite seasoned artist to give us demonstration during our regular art sessions.

The Art Club meets every Monday morning from 10:00am – 12:00 noon at the National Theatre Studio.

There is a small fee per person each session for the usage of the studio.

We are open to new members.  Please contact Julia at  For more information, check our Calendar and our monthly Newsletter.

Happy painting!